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Take Your Body To The Next Level

Online Coaching for Body Transformation
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You need a plan to start your body transformation. I have your plan!

Coaching Services for women who want to look, feel, and perform their best!


Know what to eat for your goals

No more confusion about food!

Your coach will teach you how to structure a meal plan for your goals using the flexible dieting method of counting macronutrients even if you are new to flexible dieting.  Your coach is with you every step of the way.


A plan you will love!

Your coach creates a custom plan for you in our mobile app-making it easy to accomplish your fitness goals.

The mobile app gives you easy access to your workout plan and there is a video demonstration for every exercise in your plan.

Support from your coach

You are not alone.

Your coach is available 24/7 in the mobile app through instant messaging.  

Our Approach To Coaching

Each client was created individually.  With that in mind, every fitness plan we create is custom to each individual.

We start with a comprehensive client profile that you fill out.  This starts the relationship between the coach and the client.  The more your coach knows about you, the client, the better your coach can design your plans, and the better we can coach you.  We see coaching as a relationship that grows over time.

When your coach reviews your client profile, you and your coach get on the phone to begin the coaching relationship and to gather more information.

Then it is time to create the perfect plans for you!  Your coach creates everything based on your goals, preferences, and learning style.  When you receive your custom plans, you check in every week via email with your coach and after a comprehensive review of your check-in data, your coach changes the plans as needed to keep you moving forward towards your goals.  This is also a time when your coach identifies opportunities to empower you through education about nutrition, exercise, and habit-changing methods.

It is our honor to journey through body transformation with you as your guide and number one cheerleader!  


Lacy Green

Coach & Fitness Expert

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fitness Coaching?


A fitness coach understands that the better a client moves, the more she’ll enjoy moving. Fitness coaching begins with teaching competence in nutrition and exercise while addressing the mental approach to these lifestyle changes. 

Instead of focusing on what not to eat if she wants to lose weight, the coach encourages her to think about what she should eat to get the best results from her workouts.

The goal of a fitness coach with clients is to guide the client to change from someone who merely endures exercise into someone who enjoys it.

Do You Only Work With Athletes?

While I do coach bodybuilding athletes, I also coach a population I refer to as “lifestyle clients”. 

My lifestyle clients are women who what to be in the best shape of their lives but are not interested in stepping on a competitive stage.  (But they look like they can step on stage)