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So you want to start a fitness journey? You know you need change, you are slightly motivated by the hope of progress and a new lifestyle. It can also bring fears. What if it is hard? What if you fail? Here are 6 steps to empower you to begin and stick with a fitness plan.

#1. Make a very specific goal that is measurable. The more specific the goal the better. For example, you do not want to make a goal to lose weight in 6 months. A better goal is to lose 10 pounds in 6 months. This goal is also easily measurable by progress photos and the scale.

#2. Be accountable to your goal. Find a coach or a friend to hold you accountable to your progress each week. It is so much easier to stick to a plan when you know you have to report to someone else each week. That person can also remind you how far you have come on days when you struggle. This is very motivating and increases your chances of reaching your goals.

#3. Track your progress every week. My number one method of progress tracking is done with weekly photos. Second to that is measurements done monthly. The last method is weekly weigh-ins. I use the scale as the very last method because it is not the most accurate indication of progress. It is a guideline because our bodies naturally fluctuate in water weight every single day.

#4. Seek proper nutrition. This is a big one. Your diet is the greatest contributor of your success. Our bodies require proper fuel to be most effective. In my own personal fitness journey the biggest changes began when I started a nutrition plan. You can not out exercise your fork!

#5. Gain knowledge on how to perform exercise movements in the right sequence and using the right training methods. There are many resources for this. Make sure you use a credible resource!

#6. Social support makes everything better! Make fitness friends and share your goals with each other! Motivate and encourage your friends to be successful in fitness with you!

C323 Fitness works hard to bring you every step you need in order to be successful on your fitness journey! We are here for you and ready to serve you. It is our pleasure to accompany you on your journey!!