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For people attempting to shed unwanted body fat the Easter holiday can be challenging.

People love to celebrate all occasion with food. Many look forward to traditional meals during holidays such as Easter. And certainly we can not forget to mention Easter candy!

Here are some tips to help you navigate your Easter buffet and candy.

  • For my C323 Fitness clients: We count macros. Often it can be tricky to count macros in family favorites made by someone else. You can do your best to estimate or give yourself an untracked day remembering that one day will not ruin your efforts as long as you get back on track the following day. You are well versed in macros and can easily estimate what is in each thing you eat.
  • Avoid grazing. A chip here, a cookie there, then a big meal is a recipe for seriously over-consuming calories. Wait to eat until the meal and stop after the meal.
  • When it is meal time, choose a lean meat first. For men, a good portion size is equivalent to 2 palm sized servings. For women 1 palm sized serving is a proper portion.
  • Next choose your vegetable or fruit. For men 2 fist sized servings, and for women 1 fist sized serving.
  • For your carbohydrate or bread source a man should use 2 cupped hands and a woman one cupped hand.
  • For fat sources such as butter, nuts, or cheese use your thumb to measure, men get 2 thumbs and women get one.

When it is time for dessert choose your favorite and enjoy it. One dessert and stop. I have personally found that I enjoy dessert so much more when I limit how much I eat them.

Spend your time focusing on enjoying time with friends and family and not the food. Take a walk after dinner or start up an outdoor game that gets you moving.