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About Lacy

Fitness CoacH

Hi!  I am Lacy Green!  I am Fitness Coach and owner of C323 Fitness.  I don’t like talking about myself, I would rather hear about you and your goals but I have been told that it is important for you to know a bit about me before you give me the honor of coaching you.

So here goes.  I am an IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding) professional athlete.  I achieved this honor at the age of 40 years old, only 2 short years after beginning my fitness journey.  I would love to tell you that I was an athlete my entire life but I was never anything close to athletic until I picked up a dumbbell at age 38 while hanging out in the gym with my husband.  My entire life changed after that day.

For 15 years prior to that day, I worked in a medical center as a Registered Respiratory Therapist.  I was a busy mom with 3 kids and had zero time to care for my physical fitness.  It was not even on my radar.  My husband deployed with his National Guard unit to Afghanistan in 2011 and he returned to our family with loads of new muscle mass he gained in his downtime in Afghanistan.  In his civilian job, he is a Law Enforcement Officer so he wanted to maintain his new muscle.  He joined a gym and I missed him terribly so I improvised and spent my time with him during his workouts.  Boredom quickly set in so I picked up a weight.  The rest is history as they say.

I loved fitness so much that I left my career and pursued fitness full time, achieving my IFBB Pro status while becoming certified as an Elite level personal trainer, a certified specialist in fitness nutrition, and a certified specialist in bodybuilding.  I began coaching people in body transformation and immediately found my passion.     

A person can change their entire quality of life through fitness.  It is my honor to help people achieve goals they never thought possible.  I have coached hundreds of people over the years to their best fitness.  It would be my pleasure to coach you as well! 

Carol Miller – My Story

I have been truly blessed to have Lacy as a friend and coach.  She has helped me transform my body into one that I am finally able to say that I love.  I had struggled with being overweight for most of my life.   Almost 7 years ago I weighed over 320# before I decided that I needed to change my lifestyle. I needed to get control of my heath in order to be a good role model for my niece.  I hated my body.  I was out of breath from just trying to tie my shoes and I had no energy.  I was able to get my weight down to 200# on my own but I was stuck. I was doing a ton of cardio every day and I knew that if I tried another fad diet I was going to end up even heavier. I knew I needed to stop the yo-yo dieting cycle but I didn’t know how to take my health to the next level. 

With Lacy’s help, I learned that in order to get control of my weight, I didn’t need to starve myself.  I learned that I was not feeding my body the right macro nutrients and I was not doing enough strength training to help me build more muscle so that I could burn more calories.  Just walking, running, and doing aerobics classes several times a week was not going to get me to where I wanted to be.

Lacy’s knowledge of nutrition and exercise has helped be accomplish so many different goals.  Over the past several years she has provided me with programs to help me improve my performance in CrossFit events, triathlons, duathlons, and I was even able to complete several marathons and actually enjoy running in them. However, I feel that my biggest accomplishment has been being able to get into a bikini and have the confidence needed to actually compete in NPC figure competitions.  Lacy also set up a program for me to make sure that I was eating the right macros to help my body recover faster from a surgery. Once I recovered from the surgery, I was right back on track to accomplish more of my goals.   

C323 is not a cookie cutter program – This is an individualized program based on what you want to accomplish. Anytime I had questions as to why I needed the macros that she programmed for me, Lacy would explain the reasoning behind why I needed to eat the allotted proteins/fats/carbs. She holds me accountable with weekly check-ins which includes sending her progress pictures and a breakdown of the macros I consumed on a daily basis. This information helps her adjust my plan when needed to help me reach my goals. 

Lacy has been my biggest cheerleader!  Whenever I fell of the fell of the wagon, all I needed to do was let her know what was going on and she was right there to give me pep talks to help me mentally prepare myself to get right back on track. She has helped me gain the confidence that I need to be successful and when I reach my goals, she celebrates right along with me.

Working with Lacy has been the best decision of my life.  I love this lifestyle and it one that I can maintain for the rest of my life.    

Carol M

“With Lacy’s help, I learned that in order to get control of my weight, I didn’t need to starve myself.”

Why Work With Me?

I would like to instead share with you why I want to work with you.  One day around 7 months into my own fitness journey I caught a glimpse of a very fit and healthy-looking woman in the mirror across the gym.  After a few seconds, I recognized that it was ME!!!  My eyes welled up with tears of gratitude for the image I was working so very hard to achieve.  I did not immediately recognize myself because I held a different image in my mind of what I looked like.  My body was changing and I loved the way I looked for the first time in decades.  I decided at that moment that I would achieve my goal, then turn around with an outstretched arm to help other women achieve the feelings about their own bodies that I felt that day.



  • ISSA Certified Elite Trainer
  • ISSA Certified Specialist in Fitness Nutrition
  • ISSA Certified Specialist in Bodybuilding


  • Years of coaching lifestyle clients and bikini athletes.
  • IFBB Pro Bodybuilder
  • Certified Bodybuilding Coach
  • High School Varsity Cross Country Coach